Stephen Davis Illustration


Announcement: Instagram

Finally, I've obtained a smartphone and will have an Instagram up and ready on Monday.

This may come as a shock to you all but, I hate technology. O.k hate is a strong word, and I realize I've started this post sounding like a hipster (they hate almost everything) so let me start over. I don't hate technology... but I'm not very used to it. I grew up on the small island of Jamaica with parents that believed the hard way was the right path, so in a nutshell, hard way + poor upbringing= no technology. Obviously I'm adapting, but old habits die hard so my integration of Illustration with modern technology is coming along at a snail's pace. I hardly use any Photoshop on my Illustrations and when I do it's minimal. Monday (the 24th) will mark another step in my attempt to broaden my exposure as an Illustrator. INSTAGRAM HERE I COME!

Stephen Davis.