Stephen Davis Illustration


30 Day Sketch Challenge

Me (Stephen Davis)

You (Everyone with functioning hands)

30 (or so) Days of themed sketching.


Drawing other people's ideas is cool and all, especially when they give you money, but it does wear on illustrators. I'm looking to shake things up a bit, my workload since moving to New York has gotten considerably heavier (As have my bills) and while commissions pile up a change of creative pace is much needed. Hence, 30 Day Sketch Challenge, I stumbled across this particular list while doing one of my frequent tumblr procrastinations, I thought it was a good Idea so I thought: Why not bring everyone in on this action? Find me on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or even Instagram and share your sketches, you can use the 30 Day list to keep up with me or do it at your own pace. Things are always easier in groups (except maybe solitaire) so join in the fun!

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Davis Illustration.