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Book Sketching Books: The Mistborn

Happy 2015 guys! New year, new you, resolutions... all that shit.


I've started reading a lot more recently, there's no deep reasoning behind it. I'm not trying to be more intellectual or broaden my horizons and if you must know the reason it's been about 5 months since I moved to New York from Savannah Georgia and I was growing tired of staring at the homeless guy drooling in the seat across from me on the train, so... books.

It's been mostly fiction, more specifically Fantasy novels. I'm pretty sure everyone does this for the most part but, while I read I come up with my own imagery of what the characters and environments look like, so usually when I get done reading I start sketching my version of things and it's been super fun so I'm making a series and blogging about it.


This particular book I'm reading is called Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, it is an amazing story that had me hooked from about midway into the second page. Mistborn, without giving too much away, is a story about a tyrannical ruler, his oppression of his kingdom and amazing humans that posses a mysterious power called Allomancy where practitioners swallow various types of metal and gain different abilities based on each metal, enhanced strength, heightened senses etc. If you're into fantasy and just great storytelling overall I highly recommend giving this one a read.

Vin using her Allomantic Powers.

Vin using her Allomantic Powers.

Sketching while reading these stories is extremely fun but also prepares me for my own illustrated narrative. A side project called Bodega Cats, more on this subject later.

Immersing myself in the setting of a story is good practice, especially for Illustrators who often have to produce imagery based on other people's stories whether it be an editorial piece, novel, advertising campaign etc. So I intend to make a ritual of this Book Sketching Books series.