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Obligatory New Year's Post

First things first (I'm the realest) I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2017 brought you growth, perspective and happiness. Last year seemed like a scary year for us all but if you're reading this one thing is certain: you're still alive, and that's important. 

This past year marked a lot of interesting new developments for me. Most notable events were 1. The 2nd year of planning and writing of my upcoming illustrated story "Bodega Cats". See here for more on that. 2. Finishing the drawing and layout plans for a soon-to-be released graphic novel called "Fondly, Not Well", and 3. I developed an obsessive drive for full-time illustration. The few people that follow my work closely may be aware of all I've done but the sample size is small, primarily through my own doing. I feel (as many artists probably do) that deep down I'm a fraud. A phony. A poor soul filled with... well... you get it. The quick and infinitely less sappy moral of this story is, 2018 is the year to push through that shit. 

There will always be mental blocks that keep a lot of people from really going after what they want. You think your work is crap so why not take an extra year to really develop your art? You're not ready yet, don't submit your work to Spectrum. Society of Illustrators? Nah, not yet. New Year's resolutions are corny and often result in an inevitable eye roll from listeners close by. This is primarily because we've all made plans to improve but failed to follow through. No one wants to hear the hope filled resolutions of other people because it'll only remind you of the dusty and depressing box in the attic of your memory labeled "failed resolutions". 

My hope in writing this blog is that it makes me publicly accountable. If even just 6 people read this entry, that's 6 people that I'll never be able to make eye contact with. Fear, shame and embarrassment are the most powerful motivators known to man. So here are my goals for 2018: I'm going to submit my art to at least two major Illustration competitions. I'm going to get a portfolio review from Irene Gallo and eventually get commissioned by Tor Books, and finally I'm going to finish and release "Bodega Cats"... maybe even go to the gym a couple times. These are my goals. 

If there is something you really want in life don't talk yourself out of it. Don't end the race before it even begins. Instead, write a blog that holds you socially accountable through fear of shame and ridicule to anonymous Instagram commenters. 

Happy New Year!