Stephen Davis Illustration


Cooley Savant: Illustration #1

I was recently commissioned by a friend and talented musician, Katrina Lenzly a.k.a “Cooley Savant” to do a series of illustrations for her upcoming album. Actually that’s not true, it was more like I commissioned myself. I remember seeing her perform at a show around Savannah and was like wow, this girl’s got moxie (yes I still say moxie) so I approached her after the show and said if she ever needed some album art done I was the guy. A few months later she contacted me and I got my wish. This is the first of a few illustrations that I’ll be doing for her album, I have a lot of free reign for this project which is turning out to be really refreshing.

The first illustration was unveiled at one of her shows, it was well received and generated a lot of interest which in turn motivated me for the second illustration (more on this later).

I won’t tell you guys the concept until the last illustration is finished, I prefer to let the illustrations stand alone until all the pieces are together.

Special thanks go out to Cooley for allowing me so much creative freedom in this project, and to Linneah Anders who documented the entire night via photographs while I sat back like a couch potato and enjoyed the entire show. A few prints were dispersed at the show but I made sure to keep one for myself, and even got Ms. Savant herself to sign it. I wish her all the best in her budding career and I hope this isn’t the last time we get to work together. If you’re intrigued and want to hear some of her music, you can do so here.

Stephen Davis Illustration.