Stephen Davis Illustration


I finally re-vamp my website

After weeks and weeks of being unhappy with my website I spent even more weeks trying to change it. This has been a tedious, frustrating and nerve wracking process, I hate writing code, I hate trouble shooting things I don’t understand but in the end I can say I’m happy with the end result. This new website is one of many things that have gotten a fresh coat of paint lately, and I’ve been trying to make all the necessary changes before 2013, or the end of the world… whichever comes first. This includes my website (just finished), my logo (also finished), my Behance, Print Shop, Facebook page and even my Tumblr. In a world where image is everything I really feel that this will make a difference in my illustration career and I believe that up-and-coming illustrators should also make sure they are happy with their professional image. This re-vamping process has already taken a huge amount of time, and there have been set backs (one of which was an all too depressing week without internet, more on that later though) but seeing the results gives me confidence in what I’m doing and makes Illustration all the more fun.