Stephen Davis Illustration


Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on my  Tumblr and Facebook blogs  for a number of reasons, secret projects, collaborations, and a number of other reasons that may or may not see the light of day, but mostly because I’ve been extremely busy handling the one side of Illustration that illustrators loathe the most and that’s the business side, i.e self promotion. Of course self promotion is necessary, getting yourself out there = getting yourself work but it really isn’t something I personally enjoy. Besides the only bearable mode of self promotion :Blogging, I often feel uncomfortable networking with potential clients with the hidden (or not so hidden) motive of showing them my work.

Oh well, life goes on. These are samples of my new business cards, they are obviously based on my handsome Boxer/Boston Terrier colleague Bruno. I know business cards might be a little old fashioned but I genuinely believe these little buggers still serve a purpose. Face to face interaction followed by some sort of leave-behind artwork helps to get you remembered effectively by a potential client rather than being one of maybe 100 emails in their inbox.

Stephen Davis Illustration.