Stephen Davis Illustration



One of the things I love about Illustration is that, although the image making process is largely a one man show, there is a lot of back and forth in the beginning concept stages. Depending on who you work with, brainstorming compositions and concepts can be really fun. I worked with writer and Art Director Jack Dorsey on this project and the interesting thing about this entire process was that I didn’t have a clear idea what the end result was to be used for, whether it be concept art for a movie or images for a graphic novel. I had to think about how to go about making an image that would stand on its own but be versatile enough to work well with type.In the end I sort of put all the specifics in the back of my head (because they were stressing me the fuck out) and just drew.

We initially started off with quick thumbnails to flesh out the look of both pieces. The hangman scene went smoothly for the most part, but Jack and I had to revise the main deer cover a few times. The original image was supposed to be an extreme close up of a deer eye with a boyscout reflected in it, the thumbnail seemed to work but once it was sketched out in a larger size I became unhappy with it. A vast majority of the image would have be fur and while that would’ve made placing type easier the overall image just felt flat and boring. I made the decision to pull back a bit to let more of the deer features and environment in. Jack was on board with it since it helped to define the deer as a woodland creature but at the same time it wasn’t painfully obvious (some could mistake it for a warthog) which was nice.

Given their subject matter, I also wanted to go with a darker more eerie feel to both pieces. Especially with the hangman scene I wanted to load up on the darkness to emphasize the lights.

The story takes place at a boyscout camp where a murder has taken place, I can’t give too much away but it’s an interesting story and I can’t wait to see it publicly released!

Stephen Davis Illustration.