Stephen Davis Illustration


Sneak previews of my “The Walking Dead Print #1: Michonne”. I’m still making small tweaks here and there but rest assured it’ll be ready and on sale at my print shop starting 10 a.m on Sunday, December 2nd. Don’t forget one lucky person will receive the print for free, to automatically have your name entered into the contest simply like and re-blog the print once I’ve posted it on my tumblr. If any of you are on Facebook the print will be there as well, just like and share and your name will be entered into the contest where one person will be randomly chosen to win. There are two more Walking Dead prints in the works as well and the same rules will apply once the prints are released. There will also be a chance to win ALL THREE prints, I’ve decided the rules to win all three will be different in that one person will still be randomly selected but only from a list of people that bought at least one of the Walking Dead prints. I am extremely excited, Good Luck to everyone!