Stephen Davis Illustration



A wine label I illustrated, commissioned by Patricia Gadson of Huff Bridge Road. I had a lot of fun working on this project, and I learned a lot about working with people in this particular assignment. Unfortunately I haven’t tasted the wine, but hopefully I will in the future. One of many small perks of being an Illustrator? If you do a really good job and your clients are nice people, you’ll usually get a free sample of the finished product. Here’s to hoping I get to work on a tattoo or something for Jennifer Lawrence, then maybe she’ll just show up at my doorstep one day.

A man can dream though. Right?

Anyways, delusions aside, I loved working on this project and I’ll try to put myself in a position to receive many more wine label assignments. Maybe I’ll start my own one day.

A man can dream though. Right?

A more in-depth look at my process here.

Stephen Davis