Stephen Davis Illustration


Walking Dead!!

As we all know, The Walking Dead season premier was Sunday night. If you didn’t know this then kindly kick rocks with your shoes off, please and thank you. Anyway, I’ve taken it upon myself to declare this and next month: Big Walking Dead Illustration/ Self Promotion Happy Fun Time (That’s the name and I’m sticking to it) more details on this later as I actually figure it out. The gist of it is, I create

three Illustrations commemorating The Walking Dead and all of its gore filled awesomeness. These pieces will be for sale but there will be some freebies for the lucky and completely random few. I’m trying to speed up the process on my New Orleans Book commission, but rest assured there will be zombies. I will be documenting the entire process both here and on my Facebook blog. Again more on this later as I actually figure it out, stay tuned! ZOMBIE TIME!
Yours Truly, Stephen.

Stephen Davis